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This website is a gathering of information that I came across during my spiritual journey that helped me to gain an understanding of what I was experiencing internally. 

Please use discernment throughout the website, what resonates take with you, what doesn't let go. There is no judgement from the Source within us, only an experience to grow and evolve.

Peace & Love Darren

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2015 - PRESENT

There are those who believe it is not humanity’s destiny to wither away within the clutches of Earth’s cycles of life and extinction. Rather we are to venture forth, beyond our terrestrial origins and establish thriving civilizations throughout the cosmos. Some have already secretly realized this vision, while others are relegated to technology dependent upon dwindling resources. A conflict now rages whether to preserve these advancements for the ranks of the elite, or to share this destiny with the whole of humanity and usher in a new era of peaceful conscious advancement.


Tune into the ongoing, weekly series of Cosmic Disclosure as David Wilcock interviews insider Corey Goode about the details of Corey’s 20-year participation in the Secret Space Program.

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There are many beings that have dedicated their whole life to help and allow a change in perspective on the

way we perceive the world and our relationship to it.


Through numerous fields of research and unique paths of experience, these wayshowers are now expressing their work in ways

that all humanity can start to understand and resonate with. 


Through topics of ancient wisdom, sciences false assumptions, the nature of reality, unity consciousness and the cycles of evolution,

we can now connect the dots to remembering who we really are.


Believe nothing no matter where you read it, or who has said it, not even if i have said it,

unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.







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THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what's REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream -- uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives.

Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.

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The people behind the UBUNTU Contribution System are not politicians or corporations with profit or control in mind. We are a growing group of HUMANS from all walks of life who consist of mothers, fathers, scientists, teachers, doctors, inventors, housewives, and many other ordinary people who care about other humans. We have taken these steps to share our knowledge with everyone in the belief that it will help us move towards unity and abundace for all.

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Channelling is the process of communicating with any consciousness that is not in human form by allowing that consciousness to express itself through an individual,

the channeller.


The most common form of communication with non-physical consciousness has been with people who have passed on, but that is usually referred to as "mediumship" rather than channeling. Channelling usually refers to accessing higher knowledge in order to support spiritual growth and to gain greater clarity about one's life.

Channelling is a method used to access information from entities that are supposedly more evolved and could therefore enlighten us as we move through the evolution of consciousness and back to source.

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With the technological advancement of the internet growing faster day by day, it gives us all the opportunity to grow in unity. There are many people now spreading their love and energy over the internet to create change for the better of humanity. In the past we were limited in speaking our truth to greater numbers of people, but now the suppression of who we are is collapsing by the desire of all those that have awaken to their true nature of limitless possibilities. We are the creators and it's time to start co-creating together as one in peace and harmony.



It is through the first chakra that energy from the earth enters the suble energy system of the body, and where we would feel our connection with the earth on which we live. It gives us a connection with the life on the planet as a whole, that we are not separate little entities.


It is the seat of the Kundalini, the coiled up serpent waiting to spring. It controls the horizontal section of the body from just below the buttocks to a point just above the sexual organs; excretion and digestion of food.


Key Issues - Sexuality, Lust, Obsession

Inner Aspect - Grounding Spiritual Energies

Physiological System - Reproductive

Spiritual Action - Security

Blockages - Insecurity, Fearful, Absent-Minded

Clear - Secure, Grounded, Stable

Element - Earth

Sense - Smell


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