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DNA is the crossroads of God and Man, the mixture of quantum and 

non-quantum, and it vibrates with the essense of the truth of the universe. Within the 3d structure surges the history of the universe, of mankind, of the seed race and their love for you, and your relationship to the ages and to the earth.


DNA contains the creator energy, your energy, the Human transformation energy and that of all your lifetimes. It's a place where physics meets spirituality, and a place where complete peace and solace of consciousness are achieved. The bridge to the creator's reality is there, and in each DNA molecule there is a mini-portal that leads to a multi-dimensional universe.


The double helix is sacred, unique and is that way only for the human. For the DNA of other life does not have the creator inside, but it is rather designed to see other DNA that has creator attributes. This means that anything that has DNA on this planet knows about the human creator DNA, and bows appropriately to it. Even a vegetable knows who you are and lives to nourish the life around it and you. At the basic DNA level, animals are also aware of why they are here, and how the human carries the creator energy on earth, and that they are only here to support it and the planet.


It is elegant in the way it delivers itself to the human body, and yet it has a high consciousness that hides, ready to be understood by any human who wishes to examine what makes consciousness happen at all.


DNA has various degrees of efficiency, and depending on the vibration of the planet, these efficiencies are produced at birth. The various masters of the ages had 100%, and you can see what they were able to do. First each one had such a connection to God, that they were considered Gods themselves. Each one had a peace that made humans want to be around them, fall in love with them, and 

even worship them in death. this is the mastery that's inside the DNA, and these masters who walked the earth each came to show you what is possible. Each of them carried informational messages of love, unity and peace. Some of them showed their power over matter, over life, over the elements of the planet.


For when DNA is working 100%, you have the empowerment of the creator fully manifested within the human being. The efficiency factor is not chemical, but informational. It's about multi-dimensional energy, not chemistry.

1. Biological Layer - Tree of Life

This layer represents the biological Double Helix. It is the Master biological record of this life time. It is a "one" in numerology and therefore has an energy meaning of "New Beginnings." It is the 4-D and also multiple-D instruction set for the other 11 layers. Three percent of the instructions in this "Human Genome" are for the protein encoding layers. The rest is a massive interaction with the remaining interdimensional layers of DNA.


This is the bridge layer, it receives and transmits, for the job of this layers energy is to take information from the multidimensional layers and implement it upon your gene structure.




2. Life Lesson Layer - Divine Blueprint of Law

This layer is the divine blueprint of the law of duality. It's the search for an individual's life lesson, and it works very well with layer 8. See the 'Blueprint' as the interaction of this layer with the Akashic layer, for a blueprint is an English nickname for the "recorded plan".


This then is the layer of DNA that is responsible for giving the Human Being a feeling of purpose and direction. It carries with it the attributes of life and all that has happened, not in archive form, but rather emotional form.


3. Ascension Layer - Ascension & Activation

This layer is the Ascension & Activation Layer. It never changes and can't be changed. Instead, it is what changes the other layers and the chemistry of the body to help with spiritual awakening. It is the action layer, since it is always listening for changes in our consciousness.


The number three is a "catalyst" in numerology and it works with DNA layer number 6, the Prayer and Communications layer. This creates a 9 (3+6), which means "completion" in numerology. It also somehow is affiliated with the Pineal gland, according to Kryon.

4. & 5. Essense of Expression Layers -
Your Angelic Name

Layers 4 & 5 together are the essence of your expression (this specific life on earth), and your divinity on the planet. They represent the name on the crystal on the Akashic Record. Together they can be understood as 'the primary and most important spiritual attribute of all is the tree of life, which is family'. 


These are names of God and should never be thought of as separate layers. They are part of the divinity group. It is so large in its energy that it takes up two layers or energy groups. Together these layers equal the number nine meaning completion.


6. I AM Layer - Higher Self

This layer is really a portal to the largest sacred part of you that split off when you came to the planet. It facilitates the very communication with God through prayer and meditation and is the "I AM" Layer. It is seen as the pipeline to the otherside of the veil, and is often called "The Holy Spirit". It is also the last layer in the human divinity group and works with your multidimensional layer 3.


Layer Six is the "Higher-Self" layer and is always involved in everything. The only part that is higher is your perception of its vibration. It’s in a place that makes you want to worship it. So many of you go into the houses of worship to connect with yourself, so you kneel and you hear the music and you pray to yourself.


The Higher-Self, that grand angel, the golden one, that piece and part that is connected to the other side of the veil, which is your core soul and always seems to look like God to you. Yet it’s part of you and it’s in your DNA. You’d like to be connected to it all the time, wouldn’t you? Well, until this new energy developed, it required that you work for it, because it was not within the normal reach of Human consciousness. Now it is!  What about a 100% continuous connection to the Higher-Self? “Well, now Kryon, if I had that, I would be like a master.” Exactly!

7. Divine Revelation Layer - Extradimensional Sense

Layer Seven is one of three Lemurian layers. It is also part of an important pair... 7 and 8. These are "The Lemurian Pair Layers." This is one of the two given to us by the Pleiadians as a divine complement to the Earth's normal DNA progression almost 100 000 years ago. It eventually produced many cultures, but the most advanced was the civilization of Lemuria, which traces back 50 000 years ago. Note that the 50 000 years between the seeding process and the beginning civilization represents the time it took to create a new DNA type within humanity and allow for many other types of humans to die out, leaving only one basic kind of Human remaining on the planet without the kinds of variations you find in other mammals. 


It's the description of the intuitive interdimensional sense that Lemurians had, and also means "Revealed Divinity." It is a divine revelation layer, the metaphor of which is "the end of innocence and the beginning of spiritual awareness.


8. Wisdom & Responsibility Layer -
The Master Akashic Record

This layer represents the most powerful spiritual tool the human has, and it is the personal Akashic Record of the core soul. Every lifetime is there, and all setups are there. It is interdimensional and not actually present in the DNA, but rather it represents a dynamic instruction set as a direct link to a far larger and profound set of energetic information that is always available in the Cave of Creation. Interdimensional attributes do not have location or linearity, it's in a quantum state where the smallest parts are transferred to all of creation, all together as one.


It is the second Lemurian layer and was part of the divine information given through the interaction of the Pleiadians at the beginning of the seeding of spiritual humanity.

9. Healing Layer - Flame of Expansion

Way beyond the chemistry of the immune system, it is an energy within the body that "knows" what is wrong and that can alter cellular structure at the quantum level to provide tremendous healing power and stability. No chemical reaction in the body can even come close to this, since it is multidimensional and, therefore, can work far beyond linear ideas Humans have of what is possible. It is the miracle healing energy of the masters and relates to St. Germain and the Violet Flame.


It lays dormant, waiting for interdimensional "signals" from sources that vary from human intent (consciousness), pure energy work from outside sources, and some new mechanical inventions that humanity is currently working on. It completes the scenario of the Humans ability to heal himself and continues to live without disease and with very long lifetimes.


It is the third Lemurian layer, but belongs exclusively to Humans, and not the Pleiadians, for it was Humans who learned how to use it for their own bodies, giving themselves the ability to rejuvenate, cure themselves, and move forward in health. The activation of layer 9 was the purpose of the temples of Rejuvenation in Lemurian times.


10. Divine Belief Layer - Call to Divinity

Layer Ten is also called "The Divine Source of Existence" by Kryon. The ten reduces to a one in numerology, again indicating the energy of "new beginnings." It is the first of the divine, "God layers" that represent the "call to understanding your divinity." The God layers are "action layers" because they facilitate the divine within, thereby facilitating enlightenment and remembrance of who you are.


It is hooked to free choice and does absolutely nothing to convince a Human Being of anything spiritual unless it is asked to. Then it simply allows for learning, and still does nothing to teach or convince. Instead, it helps posture grace and understanding, allowing the Human to discover on his own.


11. Pure Compassion Layer -
Wisdom of the Divine Feminine

Layer 11 is the most powerful force in the universe, for it represents the 'compassion of all humanity', which is epitomized within the mother energy. It's an energy that isn't there unless the human calls for it. Even women don't have it unless it is called upon. It's the divine feminine energy and is for all genders. It represents 'mother' in all of you, but not just mother, but a divine compassionate mother. It is the very reason such emphasis was placed on the mother of Jesus.


It is the layer activated with compassionate events on the planet, such as the death of Princess Diana, or the tsunami, or 9/11. It softens the heart and opens both genders to common sense solutions and peaceful times. It is being stored up within you, but also controlled by Gaia. Together, it will be released when the shift needs it most. This won't be a catastrophe, but the birth of a new energy.

12. God Layer - Almighty God

Layer 12 is very simple. It's the God layer, the most divine, and truly the layer which is "The God Within." There are many divine layers, but this one is 12... the last and highest in vibration of all of them. It truly is the creator energy within your own DNA. It has no function other than to exist and create the life force of God within the Human Being. It is always there, but like all other multidimesnional layers, it does not show itself until intent is used by the Human to discover just how powerful it is and how to use it.


Of all the layers, it is the one that is involved in all the other 11, such is the love of God that imbues itself into everything that is. Therefore, Layer 12 is a confluence of energy that represents the meld of God into all life force, especially the divine Human Being.

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