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Steve Bellingham presents.


The Laws of the Sun is the first in a trilogy of volumes that includes The Golden Laws and The Laws of Eternity.


What is the nature of spirit and soul? What are the universal spiritual laws and how can we learn to live in harmony with them? What really happens when we die?


In this powerful book, author and teacher Ryuho Okawa reveals the transcendent nature of consciousness and the secrets of our multidimensional universe and our place in it. By understanding the natural laws of the universe and following the Buddhist Eightfold Path, he believes we can speed up our eternal process of development.


The Laws of the Sun shows the way to achieve true happiness, a happiness that continues from this world through to the other. Its modern interpretation of traditional Buddhist teachings addresses many vital issues including how our thoughts influence reality and the different stages of spiritual and human love.


Based on the bestselling book by Master Ryuho Okawa this seminar by Steve Bellingham reveals the beauty of the spiritual world with a clarity that cuts through the veil of the material world and lifts us into the highest spiritual dimensions. Please leave behind your old beliefs for a few minutes, feel the light of heaven glow within you and enjoy your golden life. 




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Ryuho Okawa born on July 7, 1956 in Tokushima Prefecture) is the CEO and founder of the Happy Science religious organization and the Happiness Realization Party in Japan

After graduating from the University of Tokyo, he joined a Tokyo-based trading house. While working at its New York headquarters on the 40th floor of the 1 World Trade Center from 1982-1983, he studied finance at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Just as he got promoted, he resigned his business career and started Happy Science on October 6, 1986.


Since the founding of Happy Science, Okawa has reportedly published over 500 books, with 7 films based on his teachings like: The Laws of the Sun, The Laws of Eternity, and The Golden Laws.[2] These three books contain the core teachings of Happy Science.


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