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The Evolution of Consciousness through the Change of Individual Perspective

Is the world changing? Have I changed? Every individual perspective can tell a different story. Some see change; others see no change, change with a positive outcome, and change with a negative outcome. Many people that have walked this earth have spoke about change. "Be the change you wish to see in the world", Ghandi. "To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often", Winston Churchill'. "The only way to make sense of change is to plunge into it, move with it and enjoy the dance", Alan Watts. "If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading" Lao Tzu.

My life changed dramatically in one experience. I felt a change of heart, a change in mind. The exact moment I experienced a change within, my outside world changed, like the burst of a bubble. I reflect now on that moment as a crossing of two different timelines, two parallel realities. I made a choice to tune into a different station, a new song, a new vibe. This change in vibe was so intense, so exhilarating, comforting, exciting and motivating, that I have to tell everyone about it.

The world I see now is so beautiful in every way, its diversity, its complexity, its beauty, its intelligence, and its nature. I truly admire the creation of the universe from the micro to the macro, from the cells within our body to the universe itself. I truly believe through my personal experiences, which led to two years of research and this website, that it's possible for all human beings to open a doorway within their heart space to experience their dream reality. But this doorway fluctuates depending on the directional focus of energy (thoughts, emotions and actions) within every moment.

We all have experienced highs and lows throughout our life, we all know what we want and what we don't want. Yet we find ourselves in a circular pattern of experiencing things we don't want in our life. Now we can shine light on the matter as we begin to understand the conscious and sub-conscious mind, to make the transition from a state of mind, to a state of consciousness and eventually to a state of grace. By becoming consciously aware of our thoughts and emotions and accepting everything as it is in that moment, whether it's joy, sadness, anger or love, they are all teachers. This doesn't mean to emotionally attach ourselves with energies that don’t resonate with who we really are, but to let them flow through us and let go. This will be the key to finally break out of the duality cycle.

At this point in time as we evolve consciously, we begin to realise that we have been programmed to see our world from a perspective of survival and fear. Many people look at blaming the financial system, the government, the health system and many corporations that don't have everyone’s life at heart. I see this perspective very clearly and understand why many are frustrated, angry and fed up with the systems in place, BUT isn't it beautiful, that now we are consciously aware that these systems don't resonate with the reality we want to live in? We go back 10 years ago the majority of the world had no idea what was going on behind the scenes, and still to this day many people are aware yet support all these systems to get ahead in their own individual life. It is time for self-empowerment, to walk the other way instead of trying to fix things that were meant to breakdown. At first you may be looked upon as some crazy lunatic, but you experience a great realisation that you can make a difference by following your intuition and following a path that gives meaning to being.

Now this is the choice point, the moment in linear time, where every human being has to make a choice what reality they wish to live in. This choice can't be just done by thought; it needs action to bring this dream into physical manifestation. It is now documented that the heart has the strongest electrical and magnetic field of the human body and that we are all connected to the Earths electrical and magnetic field. What does this mean? It means that every individuals thoughts, emotions and actions cause an effect on all life on Earth and that the Human Heart emits energy that is capable of transforming the Earth itself. If we make a choice to live within every moment with the INTENTIONS of unconditional love, which is based in the heart it will affect the earth’s collective energies, this is not a myth, this is science.

Their is no one to judge you and tell you exactly what you have to do, what is right, and what is wrong, that is the beauty of free will, we get to experience what ever reality we resonate with. I understand that life on earth is very challenging especially when you find it difficult to be yourself in a physical world that doesn't resonate with your true self. But I say this, the tide has changed, the momentum of our collective energies as human beings has tipped the scales, many, many people have found such a strong desire to create with the intentions of a reality that benefits everyone, not just themselves. Do you see how important you are now? Do you understand that no one is separate from this collective earth energy? Do you remember that it’s the reason why you are here? It’s time to create a shift in consciousness, so that future generations can live in an environment that is in balance with the earth. All the ancient cultures new this shift was going to take place and have shared great wisdom on how to flow through this cycle. This universe will support you in every endeavor you take that fulfils your hearts desire.

I give my blessings and my love to all beings. I wish for the collective dream to manifest in this physical reality that we are all focused upon. From the moment I experienced unity and alignment with the source that runs through me, you and every bit of creation, I knew that my life purpose in this lifetime was to gather information to allow as many human beings as possible, the opportunity to see life from a different perspective, a perspective where the possibility of living in peace and harmony as a collective is now a choice of what collective reality you wish to exist in.

Live to Love / Love to live

Darren Vassallo

Conscious Awareness

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