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Are we collectively ready for COSMIC DISCLOSURE?

One of the most important questions of our time that practically no one is talking about. Everything in the past has been easily labelled a conspiracy theory regarding UFO's, ET's, space travel, free energy technology, angels, demons, etc. For the majority of people on Earth it comes down to seeing is believing, and after all the amount of disinformation and misunderstandings, people lose faith and interest in the topic. Is humanity aware that the visible spectrum of light is only about 0.0035% of the electromagnetic spectrum on a linear scale? And that all atoms in our universe are made up of 99.999% space? Over 99% of the universe is invisible to us, so we just pretend it doesn’t exist.

So where does that leave us? Those that have had personal experiences are driven towards a cosmic disclosure without having any doubt within their hearts, while the rest of humanity go about doing their business as usual saving up for a safe and secure life for their family and expecting life in 5-10 years time to be practically the same.

One of the main reasons why people don’t believe there will be any type of disclosure is because of particular families that have kept power for a long period of time through all aspects of life, including, finance, health, education media and energy. So really if we all came together and helped shift the power back to the people, that would open the doors to cosmic disclosure. And lets be honest over the last decade we all have witnessed these families being cornered into the truth one way or another. It seems that the more lies they spill the quicker the truth escalates. The main narrative that seems to be shared through multiple whistle blowers is that they are trying to hold on for dear life and that’s only a matter of time until they are blocked from keeping power.

So the powers that were are coming to an end and I think we can all agree that a global announcement of disclosure would change our history, our present and our future and ultimately free us from time itself. I trust in the universe to deliver cosmic disclosure at the perfect time, whether it’s tomorrow, or in a few years time, it would be devastating to have a cosmic disclosure manipulated by the old powers or what some are calling partial disclosure, so we need to be patient, which can be difficult for many, including myself.

So what do we have to do to bring this forth? I think that all we can do is prepare ourselves mentally and emotionally and open our minds and hearts to new information. To share information even if it has no great effect on the masses now, it can be reflected upon in the future and that nothing can be labelled fact until we have our own experience within our self, that leaves no doubt that we are experiencing the most Exciting and Enlightening Journey of Self Discovery.

Live to Love / Love to Live

Darren Vassallo

Conscious Awareness

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